I'm running SeaMonkey v1.1.17 under Windows XP Pro SP3.

When I email someone an attachment, it's usually a .jpg file, and there are no problems. The image is visible at the bottom of the message and also shows up as an icon at the upper right corner of the message window.

Recently, I've tried to send both .pdf and .xls files as attachments. With these file types, I see all the lines of binary code below the message text. While I also see the attachment icons in the upper right corner, and can open and view the files, apparently the message recipients (who probably are using a different email program) are receiving only a message with hundreds of lines of binary code after the message text. How do I correct this? Thanks!

Q: What's the quickest way to get a mailbox full of spam?
A: Post a message in any newsgroup using a real email address.

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