John schrieb:
> This doesn't help. It only changes how a message is displayed. The
> problem is in how the messages are being sent. If I send a message to
> myself with a .pdf attachment, I see all the lines of code in the
> message body. But messages I have received from other people with a .pdf
> attachment do not show this.
> In Preferences->Mail & Newsgroups->Composition->General, "Forward
> Messages" can be set to either "Inline" or "As attachment". It seems to
> me there should be a similar setting for "Attachments", but I'm not
> finding it. Attachments are being sent "Inline".
> Perhaps that explains my problem better than my original message did.
Here forward messages inline is being used and I don't get a pdf shown
as bunch of code if it is attached. Are you uing any extensions which
could interfere?
Have you tried reproducing this with a new/secondary profile and/or
another email-provider?

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