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mozzi wrote:
when I go to edit a HTML file,
it opens the browser which is NOT what I want at all.

What *exactly* have you done to get to that point?

Well, basically Seamonkey ultimately can do what a program such as Dreamweaver couldn't do a decade ago and I want to be able to use it as a standalone HTML/CSS editor, in the same way I'd like to use the Mail client, as it's better than TB for newsgroups at least and the browser is very stable although lean on features like Flock for example but that's ok since I'm mainly interested at this time in just creating a webpage.

Use Kompozer based/sourced from Mozilla's composer:


Only that the url to Kompozer is http://kompozer.net/ ;)

There is a link to Kompozer on the NVU site, did you care to look? ;-)

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