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I have SeaMonkey 1.1.18 . Windows Vista. I have some folders from an older profile that I want to move to my new profile. I found the location of the profile and I worked my way to the MAIL folder. I found the file that has the folders in my email. At the top it shows folders __.sbd and on the lower half it shows ___ file and ___.msf File. When I find the folder from the older profile what do I bring over so it will show in my current email. I appreciate your help.

You only need the ___ files, which contain the data. The ___.msf files are indexes; if you don't copy them over, SM will create them automatically.

Best do this with the program closed, of course.

If you find that the new mail folder is not where you want it (in terms of your existing folder structure), you can click and drag it to the right spot within SM, and the program will take care of the underlying file/folder structure for you. The main thing is to get it to appear inside the program.

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