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I have SeaMonkey 1.1.18 . Windows Vista.  I have some folders
from an older profile that I want to move to my new profile.  I
found the location of the profile and I worked my way to the MAIL
folder. I found the file that has the folders in my email.  At
the top it shows folders __.sbd and on the lower half it shows
___ file and ___.msf File. When I find the folder from the older
profile what do I bring over so it will show in my  current
email.    I appreciate your help.

You only need the ___ files, which contain the data. The ___.msf
files are indexes; if you don't copy them over, SM will create them

But don't the .msf files also contain all the flags and other things you can do to the messages? Why throw that away if you don't need to?

Well, I'm not a programmer or a developer, so if you prefer to wait for an authoritative answer from a pro, feel free.

But from what I've seen here over the years, I've gathered that it's a simple index file that makes it easier/faster to access the messages you want, but doesn't hold message content or features that are not redundantly held in the message file itself. I've deleted lots of .msf files over the years for various reasons, and it's never hurt a thing; occasionally it helps if the .msf file was somehow corrupted. The messages that were previously marked as read/unread survived with those features intact; I don't use the colored priority flags so I can't speak to that. And I've seen msf deletion frequently suggested as a solution to various problems, both here and at the Mozilla website. Just today the program itself suggested it to me when it had a "problem truncating the Inbox." After I shut down and deleted Inbox.msf, I relaunched to find duplicates of the most recently downloaded messages: one set in the Inbox, and one set in the folder to which they were being filtered when the problem arose.

So I feel very confident in offering the advice, but there's a small chance I could be wrong.

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