On 9/27/2009 1:01 PM, Palikari ATL wrote:
> Ever since installing SM 1.1.18,  none of the keyboard shortcuts will
> work.  TAB between boxes will not work, Home and End will not work,
> Page Up and Page Down will not work;  nor shortcuts like: control +
> N,  control + M,  control + Q,  etc.
> Any solutions??
> WHEN IS THE FINAL VERSION OF SM 2 going to be out???

I'm not having any of those problems, at least not new to 1.1.18.

When I first start SeaMonkey, navigation keys on my keyboard (Page Up,
Page Down, Home, End, and the arrow keys) are sometimes ignored.
However, I can still drag the scroll bar.  If I move my cursor over a
link, select that link, and then return to my home page (which is my
bookmarks file), then everything works okay.  This has been going on for
some time.  I first reported this in bug #445654 with SeaMonkey 1.1.11.

According to a schedule posted here (and in other Mozilla newsgroups),
the final version should be available about a month from now.

David E. Ross

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