Paul B. Gallagher schrieb:
> Every once in a while, one of my emails is returned and I have to delete
> the bad address. I'm careful to take it out of all my address books,
> including the Collected Addresses AB.
> Somehow SeaMonkey remembers it anyway, and if I'm not extra careful when
> entering this person's name next time, I can still inadvertently send to
> an address that doesn't exist in ANY of my address books.
> What gives? These zombie addresses just won't die, and it's getting
> really annoying. How do I tell the program "I really mean it, this
> address is bad, forGET it forEVVVer!!"

Have you tried Searching for the name or address afterwards in the
What happens if you export the adressbook and search through that file?
What if exporting and deleting all addresses in the addressbook
afterwards, does it still show up? (you can import your backup after
that again)

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