Arnie Goetchius wrote:
For 1.1.8, I have downloaded for offline use all of the NG messages from That newsgroup has been shut down as of Oct 1 by Verizon so it is no longer available online.

The problem is I can read the messages if I select "Work Offline" from
File. However, that sets all newsgroup to "Work Offline". Is there a way
to set just one newsgroup to "Work Offline" while leaving all the others
 to "Work Online"? If there is, I can't find it in 1.1.18 or in 2.02b

Arnie, you have to set SeaMonkey to Offline or Online. So you can read all the other groups whilst online, then select File|Offline|Download sync now and the messages in your "shut down" group (if there are any) will be downloaded for you to read.

A better option might be to set yourself up with another news server that does carry your group (if it is still active!!).

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