Daniel wrote:
Arnie Goetchius wrote:
For 1.1.8, I have downloaded for offline use all of the NG messages from
news.verizon.net. That newsgroup has been shut down as of Oct 1 by
Verizon so it is no longer available online.

The problem is I can read the messages if I select "Work Offline" from
File. However, that sets all newsgroup to "Work Offline". Is there a way
to set just one newsgroup to "Work Offline" while leaving all the others
to "Work Online"? If there is, I can't find it in 1.1.18 or in 2.02b

Arnie, you have to set SeaMonkey to Offline or Online. So you can read
all the other groups whilst online, then select File|Offline|Download
sync now and the messages in your "shut down" group (if there are any)
will be downloaded for you to read.

A better option might be to set yourself up with another news server
that does carry your group (if it is still active!!).

Thanks. All of the O,Verizon.xxx newsgroups that were only handled on Verizon news servers have been shut down. They aren't carried any where else. It is no big deal because I only need to refer to these downloaded messages occassionly.
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