Daniel wrote:
Brooke Clarke wrote:

I received an email with an attached jpg image.
When I have the header information visible there's a box on the right showing the AM-7239C.jpg file. But when I try to open the image get the following error Window:

! C:\DOCUME~1/.......AM-7239C.jpg could not be opened, because the associated helper application does no exist. Change the association in your preferences.

But looking through Edit\Preferences I can't find where to do that.

Brooke, was it a typo that you typed C:\DOCUME~1/ rather than C:\DOCUME~1\???

If I were you, I would save the file to your hard disk then scan it with your updated virus detector, then I'd try to view it (right click on the saved scanned file and *OPEN* with your image viewer program of choice.



For Seamonkey goto Edit > Pref > Helper Apps. Scroll down to see if a default .jpg handler is defined. If there is one, delete it as it is invalid. If there is not one then:

Goto Desktop > My computer > C:\ > Tools > Folder Options > File Types. Scroll down to .JPG and see what the default file association is. If none is defined you need to set it to the photo viewer of your choice for .jpg files.
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