On 10/7/2009 10:24 PM Jeff Wieland wrote:
I'm starting the seamonkey-2.0b2 tarball, and the error I get is:

gmake[5]: Entering directory `/opt/src/appl/X/seamonkey2/seamonkey-2.0b2/comm-central/mozilla/build' /opt/src/appl/X/seamonkey2/seamonkey-2.0b2/comm-central/mozilla/config/nsinstall -R ../build/automationutils.py . /opt/src/appl/X/seamonkey2/seamonkey-2.0b2/comm-central/mozilla/config/nsinstall: cannot access ../build/automationutils.py: No such file or directory gmake[5]: *** [/opt/src/appl/X/seamonkey2/seamonkey-2.0b2/comm-central/mozilla/build/automationutils.py] Error 1

The aforementioned automation.py really doesn't exist.  There is a
automation.py.in in that directory -- my guess is that file is used
to build the actual automationutils.py file.

There is no automation.py in the sources but the error message you provided doesn't refer to that but to automationutils.py which does exist, even in the stock SM2b2 sources tarball (under comm-central/mozilla/build).

Since automationutils.py doesn't contain a processor line that's probably not the issue here either.

One question: Do you actually build from comm-central/ or from comm-central/mozilla/? I know the former works but am not sure about the latter (never tried).



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