chicagofan wrote:
Does anyone know if the problem of getting the address book *to open* with your
main [in my case ONLY] address list displayed?

If not, does anyone know of *anything I can do* to eliminate the extra 2 or 3 clicks to select the list? Can I delete the "collected names" list since it's the
only other one in the address book?  I don't use it, and thought maybe that
might make my list appear, if it disappeared. Am I making any sense? TIA...

You want to send to everyone in your Address Book.

So go to your address book and pull down File | New | Mailing List. Name it "everyone".

Populate the list by opening the Personal AddressBook, click on one of the addresses, type Ctrl+A to select all, then drag them ONTO the list called "everyone."

From then on all you have to do is to goto the "To" field and enter "ev" - SeaMonkey should suggest "everyone" and you hit enter.

Does that do it?
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