Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
chicagofan wrote:

Does anyone know if the problem of getting the address book *to open* with
your main [in my case ONLY] address list displayed?

If not, does anyone know of *anything I can do* to eliminate the extra 2
or 3 clicks to select the list? Can I delete the "collected names" list
since it's the only other one in the address book? I don't use it, and
thought maybe that might make my list appear, if it disappeared. Am I
making any sense? TIA...

Do you mean your main address /book/ or /list/? These are different things.
A /list/ lets you send to a group of recipients by addressing a message to
the name of the list.

Sorry,  I meant the address book.

Assuming these features haven't changed since 1.1.16...

When I do CTRL-5 or click the "Address" icon on the toolbar, the address
book opens to the Personal Address Book, which is my main/default address
book -- is that not what you want?

I should have said "when I am composing a message"... the following happens:

When I click the "Address" icon on the toolbar, the address book opens to two
"blank" fields.  I have to click to open the drop down menu with "Personal 
Book" and "Collected Addresses"; then click to select my "Personal Address
Book", to get the names in my address book to appear.

In previous versions of SM, my addresses would be displayed when I clicked on
the toolbar icon for "Address", because the "Personal Address Book" is *already*

AFAIK it won't hurt the program to clear (empty) the "Collected Addresses"
book, but you might find that you lose the convenience of being able to
start typing names of people you haven't saved and have their addresses
autocomplete. I haven't tried deleting it entirely -- I don't know what
would happen if the program then tried to add new addresses to a nonexistent
AB. You can tell the program not to collect addresses by going to Edit |
Preferences | Mail&  Newsgroups | Addressing and clearing the checkbox, "Add
email addresses to my..."


I had already cleared the "Collected Addresses", and just wondered if IT wasn't
there, and there was NO selection to make, the "Personal Address Book" would
display as it did before.  :)   Thanks for your response...
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