On 10/09/2009 04:50 PM, Tom wrote:
> Martin Freitag wrote:
>> Tom schrieb:
>>> My wife got a new laptop a month or so ago and I installed Seamonkey as
>>> her email client as web browser.  We have discovered that any emails she
>>> receives from AOL users have no content.
>>> However, when I go and check the comcast.net server to read the message,
>>> the content is intact.  (I set the server, via Seamonkey, to retain all
>>> messages fro 5 days, just to troubleshoot this problem.)
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Tom
>> Tried viewing as HTML? (View => ...)
>> Using SM1.1.18 or SM2.0RC?
>> What does View => Sourcecode say?
>> regards
>> Martin
> I found the "problem" kinda accidentally.  My AVS, for whatever reason, 
> replaced the text of the message with the AVS with the Detection Result 
> message. "Checked by PC Tools AntiVirus..."  I changed the setting to No 
> Detection Result messages and the problem is gone.
> Tom

Were I you I'd turn it back on... that way you never have to read
content of an email from AOL :-)

Sorry... couldn't resist. :-)

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