With patience akin to a cat's, Jens Hatlak, on 10/10/2009 12:45 AM typed:
On 10/10/2009 3:57 AM NoOp wrote:
Perhaps you are referring to the missing 'Allow cookies based on privacy
settings' that was available in 1.1.x?

No idea why it was removed, but seems consistent with the Firefox 3.x UI
and code.

AFAICS the two comments starting at
<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=349680#c13> summarize best
what the developer's view on that is. Please note that the SeaMonkey
developers had no influence on that decision, it was made before SM
started using Toolkit. Thus what made the difference for SM was the
general switch to Toolkit. The main reason for that was that the old
code (XPFE) was basically unmaintained AFAIK. As time went by the
probability of fixes (even concerning security) for that would have
declined up to a point where we would have just been left vulnerable.
Like it or not, the SM developers do not have the resources to maintain
that old backend so there really was no alternative.

The above is meant as an explanation, not a justification. I don't know
enough about cookie specifics to decide whether the two bug comments are
right or not.



Yeah, I was afraid this might be the case, that because the FF devs took a
certain stance on third-party cookies, SM 2.0 is now stuck with whatever options
they decided due to the switch to Toolkit.  And no, I don't entirely agree with
the FF devs that giving the user robust management over cookies is necessarily a
"feel good" option with no real impact.

Doesn't make me any less disappointed.  And don't get me started on tabbed mail.
(shudder)  I realize that SM is a volunteer effort, and I wish I had coding
skills to contribute, but sometimes the directions chosen for the Prawn aren't
pleasing--especially when so much now seems to depend on what the FF devs

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