jim wrote:

About an hour ago, i bit the bullet and dove in headfirst...........

I uninstalled it from one disk and installed it on the other
Even though I answered "yes" to the box that asked if I wanted to
"completely" uninstall it, it kept all my tweaks and addresses, 20
folders, filters and also the bookmarks and personal toolbar in the
browser part.
IOW, "completely" doesn't really mean completely. I had saved those files
and the nine level tree structure they were in, in Documents and Settings,
off to the side, but i do not seem to need them.

The Seamonkey issue is all over now in any event.  :-)

"Completely uninstall the program" doesn't mean "and while you're at it, trash my user files as well." If you uninstalled MS Word, would you expect it to delete all your *.doc files as well? And since Word can open them, too, should it delete all your *.rtf and *.html files?

In this case, the profile survives, but the program is gone. If you then go and install another Mozilla program (or reinstall the same one) that recognizes the profile, it will happily use it.

If you really want to start fresh, don't let the new program import the old profile; force it to create a new one. There's a dialog box for this late in the installation process.

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