On Oct 11, 1:27 pm, Lee <lbray5...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> I know I saw it on this site about the method of making SeaMonkey
> as the default browser but apparently the msg I copied went the
> way of other items I had lost.
> No matter what I do it comes up that SeaMonkey is not designated
> as the default browser.  If someone has a better memory and has
> saved the reply could you please post it again.  Thanks, only
> reason I need it is I dropped 1.1.18 back to 1.1.17  and no problems
> relating to newsgroups being slow and it seems to have sped up some
> of my other things so I assume at least on my computer it ate a lot
> of memory.
> Lee (in Florida)

To make SeaMonkey the default browser, go to the menu bar and click
Edit, and then Preferences. On the left side, there is a box, click on
Navigator. Then click the button that says Set Default Browser. Done!
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