Jim P schrieb:
> Lee wrote:
>> Mark Austin Holbrook wrote:
>>> To make SeaMonkey the default browser, go to the menu bar and click
>>> Edit, and then Preferences. On the left side, there is a box, click on
>>> Navigator. Then click the button that says Set Default Browser. Done!
>> Hi Mark, that does not work for me, but thanks anyways appreciate
>> you taking the time.
>> L e e
> Close SeaMonkey.  Open IE and make it the default.  Close it and then
> open Seamonkey.  You should now be able to make it the default browser.

After doing that in IE: on Windows Vista (and higher I guess)
right-click on the Semonkey icon and select to run it as adminstrator
and confirm the security question. Otherwise the following question from
SM if it should be your default browser has no effect for most people.
Close SM and restart it normally. Should be done then.

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