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Jim wrote:
Is there a way to permanently increase the text size for one profile?
125% is good.

My wife, who is Korean, is finally getting interested in using the
computer, and she can't see too well close up, because of her age.

Do you want larger text on the screen, say for reading e-mails? Or do
you want text to be larger when you a print a document?

Or are you looking for larger text when browsing the web?

(In Seamonkey there are complex interactions between each of these; the
solution for one can actually make the others worse.)

Mostly larger text when browsing the web.

Simple solution which I use (WinXP SM 1.1.17):

1. Edit -> Preferences
2. Appearance -> Fonts
3. At "Minimum font size" enter an appropriate number.
   For my combination of eyes, hardware, and system settings,
   I find values from 16 to 20 work well.

!!! *CAUTION* !!!
This can have some strange effects on sloppily designed sites.
In their design they place some text &/or images at an "absolute position". The rust can be resized text overrunning other "objects".

If your problem is more accurately described as "anything on computer screen", look at

I've tried
Magnifixer - http://www.blacksunsoftware.com/screenmagnifier.html
magnify.exe - MS utility (Believe it's part of WinXP)
on other people's systems (severe visual impairments) with satisfactory results.

Years ago there was an active Mozilla newsgroup devoted to accessibility issues. Don't know if it still exists.

Feel free to contact me with questions - my reply to is valid - though strongly filtered ;)

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