Gerald Ross wrote:
chicagofan wrote:
Gerald Ross wrote:
Arnie Goetchius wrote:
I have the same thing plus a laptop. I got over it and am 77. Can you
beat that?

Arnie, you're my hero. But it is hard to tell what the little blobs are
on a notebook, as two of mine are, and on a little netbook they will be
meaningless. I can still tell that one is an envelope.

LOL!  They are pretty small on my laptop too, and that's what I use all
the time now.  I'll eventually remember them, but what drives me crazy is
that they keep moving around.  ;)   Does that help anyone?

MS showed us in XP that icons should be hazy blue and look like something
off an Olmec calendar. Now Seamonkey has one-upped Microsoft. It has a built
in shell game! Actually this is not a complaint--I did nothing to bring SM 2
to fruition so how can I complain?  Overall I like it.

I feel the same.  I am delighted that they have fixed "mark messages", "drag &
drop bookmarks",  and added a "crossposting filter" for newsgroups.  I'm not
really complaining about ever changing icons, I just wondered how that was
helping, if it was intentional.  :)

When they open the address book with one click again, I will be really cheering!
Thanks everyone who contributes to SeaMonkey!

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