Gerald Ross wrote:
Arnie Goetchius wrote:
Gerald Ross wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Gerald Ross wrote:
On installing RC1 the theme changed. The familiar icons for browser,
address book, etc in the lower left are no longer there. In their
place are strange icons of which only the envelope is at all
familiar. Is there any way to get the old theme back?

The icons that shouldn't have been there in any beta because they
didn't fit with the rest of the new icons are gone and replaced with
the now familiar look of the new icon set of the default theme. You
know, SeaMonkey 2.0 is not Netscape Communicator 4 any mo

I have three XP computers running Beta2 and all have the old Icons as did
this one before changing to RC1. Guess I'll have to get over it. Thanks,

I have the same thing plus a laptop. I got over it and am 77. Can you beat

Arnie, you're my hero. But it is hard to tell what the little blobs are on a
notebook, as two of mine are, and on a little netbook they will be
meaningless. I can still tell that one is an envelope.

LOL!  They are pretty small on my laptop too, and that's what I use all the time
now.  I'll eventually remember them, but what drives me crazy is that they keep
moving around.  ;)   Does that help anyone?

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