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Jens Hatlak schrieb:
On 10/12/2009 10:37 PM Gerry Hickman wrote:
If you've ever had the mis-fortune to use Microsoft IE on windows,
you'll notice every file you download is initially "blocked". It
places a second NTFS stream on the file. I'd been using SeaMonkey 2.0b
and everything was OK. Today I've installed RC1 and now my downloads
are blocked - just like in IE.


SeaMonkey 2.0 uses the same download backend as Firefox 3.5.

I'm afraid I don't get the point even after reading

Bug 504804 only landed on trunk (before mozilla1.9.2 branched, so it's fixed there, too). SM 2.0 uses the mozilla1.9.1 branch and that fix probably won't land there (read comments 24-26).

- Version says Trunk
- Target Milestone says mozilla1.9.2a1
- Keywords does not contain fixed1.9.1

The URL I provided points to bug 499448 comment 3 which describes a workaround (adding/setting certain prefs). This is probably all you can do for the lifetime of FF 3.5 and SM 2.0.



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