John wrote:
I'm using SeaMonkey v1.1.18, and I have accounts setup for several newsservers. The newsserver has started behaving strangely. Any time I click on one of the newsgroups to which I have already subscribed on that server, I get the pop-up asking "Would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup_name>?" After I click "yes" it shows me all the messages, but all are marked as "unread", even though I have previously marked all current messages as "read". This didn't used to happen on this server, and it doesn't happen on any of the other servers I use. Is this something I can correct with a setting change, or is it a problem with the newsserver itself? Thanks!

It sounds like damaged files in your profile. I would try deleting the server and all associated files and start over from the beginning, on just that server. As it is, you're basically starting over every time you access the newsgroups.

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