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How do I block e-mail from a certain e-mail address? I have seamonkey and pop mail sbcglobal.net.

Two basic approaches:

1) If your ISP offers this option, set up a filter on the server so the messages get trashed before you ever download them. This may be relevant: <http://promo.sbcglobal.net/sbcyahoodsl/faq.html#emailQ10>

2) Set up a filter on your local machine that moves the targeted messages to trash whenever you download them. Ideally, it also marks them as read. Click the account name in the folder list and choose "Manage message filters."

The advantage of the first option is efficiency/elegance -- you don't waste time and resources downloading and then trashing them, and you can't possibly be annoyed by something you never see. The disadvantage is that it's permanent and unrecoverable (unless we're talking about a system that doesn't purge messages from trash until they've been there for a week or so).

The advantage of the second option is that you can periodically scan through your trash to make sure you're not filtering legitimate messages; as above, this relies on your trash-emptying settings. For example, my machine is set to empty trash on exit, so if I want the opportunity to review, I have to either do so before exiting or filter to junk, where messages survive for a week. The disadvantage of the second option, conversely, is that you spend time and resources downloading junk, and you might be tempted to view it and aggravate yourself.

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