Further testing of SM 2.0 RC1 behavior on Win XP SP3 with a migrated
profile from SM 1.1.18:

In 1.1.18, when a message has been viewed (e.g. clicked on), it is
automatically (and logically) marked as "read."  This is true for both mail
and news.

SM 2.0 RC1 doesn't follow the above behavior, instead keeping a viewed
message as "unread" no matter how many times it's clicked upon.  I have the
pref regarding auto-marking a message as read (Mail & Newsgroups | Message
Display | General | Automatically mark messages as read) unticked, as I
don't want messages to be marked as read until I've read them.  Be that as
it may, 2.0 *should not* be behaving in the observed fashion
AFAICT--messages *should* be marked as "read" once they have been viewed.

In comparison, 1.1.18 only has a time interval setting for marking messages
(Wait [] seconds before marking a message as read), and it's unclear if
this pertains to automatically doing so, or doing so after a message has
been viewed.  Since I've never used this pref in SM 1.1.x, I can't speak to
a comparison of behavior.

I have *tried*, really and truly, *tried* to find a bug listing in Bugzilla
for the described behavior of SM 2.0 RC1, but it is quite literally an
effort in futility.  If anyone has a better knack of coming up with search
keywords that deliver less-than-making-one-crosseyed results, I would be
more than grateful for you to apply your skills here.  For surely this is a
bug that has been listed for SM 2.0 already--unless I have a mutant version
and am the only user experiencing this behavior...

TIA for any replies and assistance --
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