Dale DePriest wrote:
Martin Freitag wrote:
Dale DePriest schrieb:
I am running out of space on my C: drive and I need to move the
Seamonkey email structure. I moved all kinds of other stuff by changing
the application default in the registry (lots of stuff and copied the
entire structure to another drive) but Seamonkey still wants the C
drive. I use SeaMonkey 1.1.18

Your profile is always on C: if you didn't move it, no matter where you
put Seamonkey as application.
Copy your profile to another drive and use the profile manager to guide
SM to this new directory (by creating a "new" profile).
Don't know where your profile is?


Thanks, looks like I have some reading to do.


The method given by Martin is a safe way of moving your entire profile onto another drive, but.....

Alternatively, Dale, SeaMonkey thinks it's profile is still on the C:\ drive because it's location is stored in it's "prefs.js" file!

In a Browser, type "about:config" (without the quotes), read the warning and if you're happy press enter. The screen will fill with some of your configuration settings. In the filter line type "mail.root" (without the quotes) and you should see where SeaMonkey expects your mail profile to be.

If you are feeling game (maybe close SeaMonkey completely and make a copy of pref.js first), double click on the line that applies to your profile and, if you're happy, change it to reflect where you have moved the profile to.


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