Mark Hansen wrote:
On 10/20/09 03:48, Richard Owlett wrote:
ST wrote:

Breitbart news pages do not display properly. The writings appear to be shoved to the right of the page leaving an inch or so visible.

Is this just my problem, or do others have the same problem?


It's one of those annoying sites that assume the whole world has perfect vision. If you force a minimum font size ( Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts ) you get all sorts of messy displays. I've set a minimum size of 16 which forces the pictures to right edge,

Or, more simply, just increase the displayed font size, using <ctrl> <plus>

*NO* ;)
The two means of setting font size are NOT identical.
Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts allows you to set a minimum font size PERMANENTLY for ALL pages. The effect of <ctrl> <plus> is volatile. An important distinction for visually impaired.

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