Testing SM 2.0 RC2 with a migrated profile from 1.1.18, Win XP Pro SP3:

Specifically, SM 2 doesn't keep the server setting for "Ask me before
downloading [500] messages."  This is the case for every news server on my
list (I have two free news servers, the Mozilla news server, and two other
private servers).  Steps to reproduce:  go into Server Settings for a given
news server, check the above described option, click OK.  Upon reentering the
Server Settings, the option does not remain checked.

As I've said before, trying to find out if current behavior for SM 2 is filed
as a bug is very difficult.  My search keywords of "seamonkey 2 news server
settings" have not yielded anything helpful from Bugzilla.  If a bug has been
filed and someone has the specific listing for it, I would greatly appreciate
it.  Likewise, if someone else has experienced or is experiencing the same
behavior, I'd like to know.

TIA for any feedback --
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