D. K. Kraft wrote:
As I've said before, trying to find out if current behavior for SM 2
is filed as a bug is very difficult. My search keywords of "seamonkey
2 news server settings" have not yielded anything helpful from

Unfortunately Bugzilla is not intelligent enough to understand that search query. :-( The search form on the bugzilla.mozilla.org main page searches all open bugs of all Mozilla products, i.e. Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, ... To limit the search scope to SeaMonkey you need to use the search page available from the "Search existing bug reports" link. Select Product SeaMonkey there and use only problem-specific words (hint: use strings like error messages, dialog titles etc.) to fill in the Words field, leaving out both the product name and the product version (those are stored in places where the Words query will not find them, if at all).

In this case, instead of searching for "seamonkey 2 news server settings" you should have searched for "ask me before downloading".

Again, unfortunately, you would not even have found the relevant bug using that method because... SeaMonkey's mail and news component shares a fair amount of code with Thunderbird (and the browser component with Firefox) so if a bug affects both products it is often discussed in a single bug that is not necessarily filed on the product you're using. Thus in this case you would have had to also do two more searches, one with Product set to Thunderbird and one with Product set to MailNews Core. You could have used Advanced Search to run only one search against all three "products" but the form there is much more complex.

I understand that the above is not feasible for an average user. I guess only searching SeaMonkey bugs is probably enough. If you find no matching bug that way, filing a new one is OK even if it's later duplicated against another like in this case.

BTW: When a bug filed against one product is duplicated against a bug from another product it becomes invisible to searches with Status = Open. I think that's bad but have no easy solution either. Maybe bugs duplicated against other products should be included in Status = Open searches. :-/



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