On 10/23/09 17:47, Tony Higgins wrote:
> Tony Higgins wrote:
>> I regularly receive messages from the online site of a National 
>> retailer that have various offers and coupons.  Recently I discovered 
>> that I can no longer view the remote content in them.  This feature is 
>> annoying to me more than it's a benefit.  I found in the preferences 
>> where I can turn it off but that doesn't help with these messages.  
>> I've deleted the sender from my address book and then readded it by 
>> clicking where it says "Click here to always show remote content from 
>> ____________.  It doesn't fix things.
>> All remote content from other senders displays fine without this 
>> problem.  I assume that somewhere along the line this sender has 
>> become "blacklisted" in a file.  Can somebody tell me where that is 
>> and how ti edit it to fix this?
>> Thanks,
>> Tony
> By the way, I forwarded one of these messages back to my Yahoo mail 
> account and opened it today at work from Yahoo's site.  It displays fine 
> there.  But none of the messages from this sender display OK in my Sea 
> Monkey mail account.
> Tony

Is it possible that the e-mail message contains only an HTML version
and your SM client is configured to display the message as plain text?

Try changing View -> Message Body -> Original HTML

If it's already set to Original HTML, try setting it to plain text.
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