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Tony Higgins wrote:
I regularly receive messages from the online site of a National retailer that have various offers and coupons. Recently I discovered that I can no longer view the remote content in them. This feature is annoying to me more than it's a benefit. I found in the preferences where I can turn it off but that doesn't help with these messages. I've deleted the sender from my address book and then readded it by clicking where it says "Click here to always show remote content from ____________. It doesn't fix things.

All remote content from other senders displays fine without this problem. I assume that somewhere along the line this sender has become "blacklisted" in a file. Can somebody tell me where that is and how ti edit it to fix this?


By the way, I forwarded one of these messages back to my Yahoo mail account and opened it today at work from Yahoo's site. It displays fine there. But none of the messages from this sender display OK in my Sea Monkey mail account.


Is it possible that the e-mail message contains only an HTML version
and your SM client is configured to display the message as plain text?

Try changing View -> Message Body -> Original HTML

If it's already set to Original HTML, try setting it to plain text.
Thanks for the suggestion. I looked into that. But I would like to get these and other messages with the original HTML. I only have trouble with the one sender. It is a National retailer who sends me offers. I received a coupon which I would like to print but cannot because it is broken up. I saw it online at work in my Yahoo mail account and it looked fine. But when it downloaded to my SeaMonkey mail account I can't see the message. Several times I've gone through the cycle of telling it to "always show remote content" which creates an entry for it in my address book but does not clear up the problem. I then delete the entry and go through the process again with no luck. Whenever I get a message from a new sender I do this and it clears up the message and all future messages from the same sender.

Is the image from a site which is (a) blocked, or (b) not the originating site (however that's interpreted in mail)? There are preferences for this stuff, block site, block image, block pop-up, enough to suggest a single "block stuff" panel might be useful, even if it duplicated functionality available already.

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