On Oct 24, 4:45 am, Daniel <d...@albury.nospam.net.au> wrote:
> JW 'Yawn' vanLohuizen wrote:
> > Hello Guys,
> > I am please that you have released SM RC2 and am amazed at all of the
> > updates you have done.  I am still dismayed though that it is not as
> > straight forward at is should be.
> > Here are my notes and problems and some workarounds:
> > 1.  I uninstalled and deleted profiles and leftover install folder.
> Why did you delete profiles??  Or do you mean that you just removed them
> from the list of profiles displayed in the Profile Manager??
> Daniel

I had used SM2 RC1 and had trouble and so before installing RC2 I
deleted the folder containing the profile ands the profile ini.
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