Hello Guys,

I am please that you have released SM RC2 and am amazed at all of the
updates you have done.  I am still dismayed though that it is not as
straight forward at is should be.

Here are my notes and problems and some workarounds:
1.  I uninstalled and deleted profiles and leftover install folder.
2.  Installed RC2 and imported my main profile.
3.  Again not all homepage tabs appeared
     a.  Workaround:  NewsFox is not RC2 compatible so I had to delete
the reference in the homepage prefs and that allowed the other 3 to
open properly.
4.  My email accounts were added but some did not contain the
     a.  I don't like the fact that renamed folders are created during
import, so I couldn't simply copy the folders over.
          1. Would like to see folder names copied exactly
          2.  I would also like to see the format (.com and .gov
and .net shouldn't need to be included) changed to:
               a.  "pop.gmail.com" and "pop.gmail-1.com" be changed
to:  "pop.Username.Gmail" ex. "pop.JohnDoe.Gmail"
               b.  "pop.yahoo.com" and "pop.yahoo-1.com" be changed
to:  "pop.Username.Yahoo" ex. "pop.JohnDoe.Yahoo"
               c.  "pop.sbcglobal.yahoo.com" to "pop.Sbcglobal.Yahoo"
ex. "pop.JohnDoe.Sbcglobal.Yahoo"
               d. If Local Files are already present:  Ask to
5.  Still can't reorder the Accounts that appear in the Mail/News
     a.  Was forced to delete all accounts and reenter then copy my
SM1 mail pop folders over and then point them to my names.
     b.  Actual Folders are still being used as well as relative
folder info.  I thought that was removed.  Even though I delete them
they reappear after closing SM.
          user_pref("mail.identity.id1.sig_file", "C:\\Users\\JW
\764umakm.default\\Regular Signature.html");
user_pref("mail.identity.id1.sig_file-rel", "[ProfD]Regular
6.  Still want to see the ability to place profiles in a custom
location before importing rather than having to move them manual after
doing a google search to find out how.
7.  Importing multiple profiles upon initial setup also desired.
8.  An gui import and move profiles in the Profile Manager.
9.  Thank You very much for importing the username and passwords and
adding the much needed search option!!!
10.  Still very upset that I am not able to use the username and
passwords, WHY???.
       a. I open the Password Manager and see them but when the page
loads nothing appears to allow me to automatically fill in those
fields like before. I checked with many saved pages and found 99%
doesn't show even the username.  Those that show just the username are
most likely presented by the server no Password Manager.  This is a
showstopper and I can't use SM2 until this is fixed!!!

There are numerous fixes and feature updates that I really like but
passwords are the #1 reason I am forced to continue using SM.  If this
is fixed then I will upgrade to version 2.  If not, then I will forced
to begin to try and move to FF/TB or Google and something else.


JW 'Yawn' vanLohuizen
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