Thomas H. George wrote:
Seamonkey crashes when I enter with the error message
(seamonkey-bin:25788): gdk-CRITICAL
**:gdk_x11_xatom_to_atom_for_display: assertion `xatom != none` failed.

My system is Debian Sqeeze, ATM 64 2x Dual Core Processor.

I suspect the problem may be with plugins, lack of plugins.  I have just
installed Seamonkey in /usr/loccal/seamonkey and currently only
Shockwave Flash 10.0 r32 is installed. With this I can go to some
internet sites - for example - but those with graphics
cause the crash.

Background: For the past several years I have used the iceape suite but
recently it starts with a message 'security component missing' and is
unable to retrieve some emails.  Since the iceape suite is no longer in
Squeeze - it is still in stable and Sid - I have been unable to correct
this problem and so installed Seamonkey and created a new profile.
If the problem is indeed a plugin problem is it possible to use the
plugins installed for iceape or must they be installed individually?

I would appreciate help in solving the crash problem in any event.

Thomas, try making symlinks, in your SeaMonkey plugins folder, to the various plugins you had installed for your IceApe installation. If this fixes or reduces the problem, then you might try downloading upto date versions of those plug-ins.


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