Daniel wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Craig wrote:
Sorry if this info is self-evident but I looked in 2.0 RC's release
notes, and elsewhere, and came up dry.

Is the gloda search engine a part of Seamonkey 2.0?

gloda is a database backend that allows indexing of messages, it's not a search engine. Apart from that, the backend itself does exist in SeaMonkey 2.0 but it's not enabled and there is no interface for using it - all that would be possible to provide with an add-on, if someone wants to write it, though.

Robert Kaiser

Robert, if I read your reply properly, there is a part of the SeaMonkey download that is completely, as things stand now!

Why is it then included at all??

(And thank you to those who are doing the development and testing of SM 2.0!!)


Missed a vital word, ......end of first para should read ".... is completely *useless*, as things .....".


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