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Serge Popper wrote:
Installed SeaMonkey 1.1.18 a couple of weeks ago and have had no problems until tonight. When I started SeaMonkey, my incoming mail folder opened normally but was not downloading my new mail. I clicked on the get messages and a little widow opened saying something like working on this folder, please wait. I waited a good while, nothing happened. I rebooted, tried again, no luck. I downloaded and reinstalled a fresh copy of SeaMonkey. Now there are no messages showing at all in my inbox folder. All other functions work OK, all other folders are accessible, browser shows no problem.
Advice would be appreciated.

Serge, did the original message in the window say that you cannot download new mail into the inbox because it was being compacted??

When you delete an email, it is not really deleted from the inbox file, just part of the header information is changed to make it not show in the list of mail in your inbox. When you "File|Compact Files" the deleted message is actually removed from the inbox file.

At times, you may get a conflict between SM trying to download mail and SM trying to automatically compact the "inbox" because of the setting at the bottom of the page at Edit|Preferences|Mail&Newsgroup|Offline&Disk Space.

When you have SM running, have a look at Edit|Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings and select the "Server Settings" part of your mail account. At the bottom of this screen, there is the location of the "Local Directory". Note the location as this is where SeaMonkey thinks your profile is.

Close SeaMonkey, go make yourself a cuppa, then do Crtl-Alt-Delete and see if SeaMonkey is still showing as running. If it is, End Task on it.

Do a Windows Find File/Folder looking for "inbox" without the inverted commas. The inbox is the file that SeaMonkey stores your incoming mail in. If you find more than one inbox, your lost mail may be in one of the other accounts.

Report back with results and if you find other inboxes, someone here can tell you how to get all your mail into one location.


Daniel, thanks for the great explanation. I'm just recuperating from Swine Flu and have little energy for anything. I'll do what you suggest and report back.
Again, thanks.
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