I plan to do a CLEAN install instead of upgrading to reconfigure everything from scratch in both my Debian/Linux and Windows XP Pro. SP2-3 boxes.

1. Can I just copy the old SM v1.1.18 plugins (QuickTime v7.6.4, RealPlayer v6.0.12.448, Flash v10.0 r32, VeohTV, Sun Java Platform SE 6 U15, MS DRM, Windows Media Player Plug-in, etc.) to SM2's plugins without any changes and problems? Are they all compatible? 2. How do I keep my multiple PC's SM v2 bookmarks, address books, e-mails, etc. in sychronized manually? I usually copy my bookmarks.html, abook*.mab, and e-mails between PCs. 3. Speaking of bookmarks, addressbooks, e-mails, etc. Can I copy/import the old datas into SM2 easily since I am doing a clean install? 4. I see no Mac OS X 10.2.8 support. Can I compile my own or get it from a third party? I still use SM v1.1.18 on it. 5. I have about eighteen extensions in SeaMonkey v1.1.18, but I'd hate to lose them and I assume they won't work in v2. Are there replacements or do hey still work? Here's the list of my installed extensions:
* BugMeNot (mailto:ehami...@gmail.com)
* Colored Tabs 1.3
* Coralize 0.9 (http://piki.org/patrick/)
* Extension Uninstaller API 2.0 (http://jgillick.nettripper.com/)
* Flashblock (http://flashblock.mozdev.org/)
* IE View 1.4.3 (http://ieview.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - Chrome Manager (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - Custom Headers (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - Junk Filter Tools (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - MailNews FolderStore (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - MailNews Sidebar (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - MailNews-Enhancements (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - Registry Viewer (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Mnenhy - Text Codecs (http://mnenhy.mozdev.org/)
* Preferences Toolbar (http://prefbar.mozdev.org/)
* SessionSaver 0.2d (http://adblock.mozdev.org/sessionsaver

I probably will have more questions soon. Thank you in advance. :)
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