Ant schrieb:

> 1. Can I just copy the old SM v1.1.18 plugins (QuickTime v7.6.4,
> RealPlayer v6.0.12.448, Flash v10.0 r32, VeohTV, Sun Java Platform SE 6
> U15, MS DRM, Windows Media Player Plug-in, etc.) to SM2's plugins
> without any changes and problems? Are they all compatible?

They should afaik.

> 2. How do I keep my multiple PC's SM v2 bookmarks, address books,
> e-mails, etc. in sychronized manually? I usually copy my bookmarks.html,
> abook*.mab, and e-mails between PCs.

Yeah, just copy the data you like or the whole profile.

> 3. Speaking of bookmarks, addressbooks, e-mails, etc. Can I copy/import
> the old datas into SM2 easily since I am doing a clean install?

SM2 offers to migrate the data from the old profile to the new one on
the first start.
If it doesn't, start it manually:

> 4. I see no Mac OS X 10.2.8 support. Can I compile my own or get it from
> a third party? I still use SM v1.1.18 on it.

I'm not xperienced with Macs, but... this doesn't work?

> 5. I have about eighteen extensions in SeaMonkey v1.1.18, but I'd hate
> to lose them and I assume they won't work in v2. 
Just try them out. And if it fails, ask the developer if the extension
can be made compatible (sometimes it's already working and just SM needs
to be added to the compatibility list of the extension)

> or do hey still work? Here's the list of my installed extensions:
> * Extension Uninstaller API 2.0 (

Not needed, SM2 has own AddOn-Mnager

> * Flashblock (


> * Mnenhy 
is about to be released in a new SM2-compatible version soon.

> * Preferences Toolbar (


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