Re: SM 2.0 first notes AND Add-Ins

SM 2.0 most impressive. Clearly takes the "good" features or as many as prudent 
in first 2.0 release and applies a quality mixed-bag of main features for 
browsing, Email, HTML composing, newsgroups -- among a superb lot of other 

Add-ons are looking very good, an almost surprising quantity of useful working 
Add-Ons and even a good mix of experimental ones.

Adblock Plus - Already seems to work superbly

SM 2 Add-Ons suggest as I am doing:

I am testing AND critically asking the following Add-On providers to 
dead-seriously consider checking or making their refined and working add-ons 
work with SM 2.0, and SM users can surely assist if possible:

- Interclue ( -- An absolute phenom of a link augmentation multi-tool, 
saves users hours each day or week

- Tab Mix Plus (0.3.7) -- Allows many Tabs functions time saver

- iMacros ( -- A not-as-easy-to-use Macro recorder/player, but is on 
the right track and getting better for both SeaMonkey and Firefox

- Showcase / Firefox Showcase ( -- Superb show all-in-one-panel view of 
the active tabs. Could/should be a must-have option for SM 2.

- MeasureIt (0.3.9) -- Well done screen and object measuring tool

The above noted Add-Ons so far do not show up in searches at the SM Add-On 

Obviously (very!) there are a proverbial hoard of other Add-Ons that are likely 
working on SM 2, in the process of doing so, or should be...but hopefully this 
is just a start.
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