David E. Ross wrote:
I just downloaded the Windows installer EXE file via FTP (SeaMonkey
Setup 2.0.exe).  This is smaller than the related ZIP file and smaller
than the installer EXE for 1.1.18.  Is this correct?  Is the file
complete, or do I have to be connected to the Internet when I install?

We're using better compression now in the installer (explains the difference to the zip), and there was also a good number of work done in those 4 years to reduce some unneeded code, so yes, it's smaller but still fully complete.

In the past, I merely installed SeaMonkey directly over the prior
version without first removing that prior version.  Can I safely install
SeaMonkey 2 over SeaMonkey 1.1.18 without first deleting the latter?

Best is to deinstall 1.1.18, leaving the profile data intact, and then install 2.0.

Robert Kaiser
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