I'm glad you mentioned Adblock Plus because I really like the program and miss it when it's not there. However, I've had problems installing it on Seamonkey multiple times, including the latest install less than a week ago on 1.1.18.

Is there any specific way I need to install Adblock Plus to get it right the first time? At one time the instructions were to run Seamonkey as administrator while installing it.

My latest efforts resulted in a message, "This program needs to exit so a previous installation can complete" or something like that. And it would not load. Removing/renaming xpicleanup.exe would sort of get it working; but Seamonkey still would not load except as administrator.


Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 04:35:04 -0500
From: JR WG<joseph...@windowgroup.com>
Subject: Re: SM 2.0 first notes AND Add-Ins
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Re: SM 2.0 first notes AND Add-Ins

SM 2.0 most impressive. Clearly takes the "good" features or as many as prudent 
in first 2.0 release and applies a quality mixed-bag of main features for browsing, 
Email, HTML composing, newsgroups -- among a superb lot of other features.

Add-ons are looking very good, an almost surprising quantity of useful working 
Add-Ons and even a good mix of experimental ones.

Adblock Plus - Already seems to work superbly

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