Le 16 septembre 2016, Ant a écrit :

On 9/16/2016 7:07 AM, Michael wrote:
 I use Adblock Plus with SeaMonkey but sometimes the ads don't go away
 unless the page is refreshed. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling
 the extension and still have the problem.

 With Firefox I have used Adblock Plus,Adblock Lite and Adblocker
 Ultimate with no problems , but the last two extensions are not
 available for SeaMonkey.

 Is the problem with my installation of SeaMonkey ? Also can someone
 recommend a similar easy to use adblocker for Seamonkey ?

I never had problems with ABP, but I switched to UBO last year. Both had no problems.

Where UBO stands for "uBlock Origin" :-)

I also switched to it a few months ago and am very satisfied (it's faster than ABP).

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