My ISP turned off perfectly good, working IPv6 on my Arris Surfboard 6183 modem in May due to security issues. It was working fine on SeaMonkey 2.40 (and Fx and Pale Moon) before it was turned off.

My ISP updated the firmware on the modem yesterday so I again have IPv6 native connectivity on Vivaldi and IE 10. However, on SeaMonkey, and the other gecko browsers, and old Opera 12.18, I have no IPv6 connectivity.

I can't figure out what the problem is... any ideas? I have made sure to temporarily disable any extensions, etc that could affect IPv6 connectivity. I get a message for IPv6 speed test, on SeaMonkey (new profile), that it cannot reach any IPv6 server. The test works flawlessly on Vivaldi using IPv6. The sites that let you test if you have IPv6 connectivity show NO IPv6 for SeaMonkey (and Fx, Pale Moon and old Opera) but show full native IPv6 connectivity for Vivaldi and IE 10.
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