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It seems that SeaMonkey correctly detects the encoding when opening
messages in the "message pane", but doesn't actually use that encoding
until the next message is opened, and doesn't detect the encoding at all
when opening them in a separate window (just using the last-detected
encoding from the message pane).

That also affects opening previously saved drafts. So, for example:
- Start composing a message with UTF-8 encoding (like Paul, that's my
default) and include a character not covered by the standard ASCII set
(in my case, usually "£")
- Save as draft and close that message.
- View, in the message pane (View > Layout > Message Pane or press F8),
another email which uses a different encoding (e.g. us-ascii)
- Re-open the draft
- The "£" now appears as "£" (it just happens that in this case the
second character is the same as the original single character, but
that's not necessarily the case for all characters)

No amount of closing and re-opening the draft seems to fix that. However:
- Select the draft in the thread pane
- Open the message pane (View > Layout > Message Pane or press F8)
- It looks wrong there too, and saving the draft again at this point
will compound the problem. However...
- Close the message pane
- Open the message pane
- It now looks correct, and double-clicking to open the message for
further editing is now also correct.

To be honest, I've got to the point where I barely notice this and just
automatically tap F8 a couple of times when a message isn't displayed
correctly. That it's become an automatic reaction isn't a particularly
good sign, but that may be a workaround until the problem is fixed

Hooray!  That works on my system too, exactly as you described it!!

I edited the one of the 'offending' drafts (a long one, mixing standard and extended ASCII), correcting all the gibberish I could find (*) to the correct symbols, and saved it, hen opened another message; after that,I selected the 'target draft' and, with F8, opened it in the message pane: Bingo, it showed gibberish again! Another F8 closed it, and a third one re-opened the pane -- and the gibberish was gone! I then opened the draft for editing, saved it, and the same "3xF8" got the same results: Now, it's edited, and showing no gibberish. I hope I'll be able to remember the "3xF8" routine from now on, despite years of an ingrained different habit...

As I said, I don't like or use the message pane, and will try and see if there's a way to make this workaround work without the pane (perhaps you have some suggestions?) but, if not, I'll just have to get used to the "3xF8" technique you described...

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

Maybe you, or someone reading this, could shed some light on these "Folder Properties / Fallback text encoding" options:

.. Unicode (UTF-8)
.. Arabic
.. (etc, etc.)
.. Vietnamese
.. Western
( ) Apply encoding to all messages in the folder (individual
message text encoding settings and auto-detection will be ignored)

If the latter option isn't checked, what's the option for, since the folder has (supposedly) already-received messages, which don't need editing? Does it mean that SM would try to use the chosen text encoding to display messages in the folder, if they don't have any encoding attached to them?

Thanks beforehand for your attention, and I hope to hear from you soon.

s) Alexander Yudenitsch   <>

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