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Alexander Yudenitsch wrote: wrote, on 10 Oct 16 15:48:

Paul B. Gallagher wrote:
I have noticed that sometimes SM will guess wrong when I select a
message in a mail folder, but if I navigate away and then return it'll
guess right. I don't know why that is -- it seems to be sticking to the
encoding it used for the previous message that I just deleted.

I've noticed that too, and it may be the root of Alexandre's problem. It
seems that SeaMonkey correctly detects the encoding when opening
messages in the "message pane", but doesn't actually use that encoding
until the next message is opened, and doesn't detect the encoding at all
when opening them in a separate window (just using the last-detected
encoding from the message pane).

That also affects opening previously saved drafts. So, for example:
- Start composing a message with UTF-8 encoding (like Paul, that's my
default) and include a character not covered by the standard ASCII set
(in my case, usually "£")
- Save as draft and close that message.
- View, in the message pane (View > Layout > Message Pane or press F8),
another email which uses a different encoding (e.g. us-ascii)
- Re-open the draft
- The "£" now appears as "£" (it just happens that in this case the
second character is the same as the original single character, but
that's not necessarily the case for all characters)

No amount of closing and re-opening the draft seems to fix that.
- Select the draft in the thread pane
- Open the message pane (View > Layout > Message Pane or press F8)
- It looks wrong there too, and saving the draft again at this point
will compound the problem. However...
- Close the message pane
- Open the message pane
- It now looks correct, and double-clicking to open the message for
further editing is now also correct.

To be honest, I've got to the point where I barely notice this and just
automatically tap F8 a couple of times when a message isn't displayed
correctly. That it's become an automatic reaction isn't a particularly
good sign, but that may be a workaround until the problem is fixed

I think this has come up on this list before, but not sure it's reported
on Bugzilla.

Sounds like potentially good news, and thanks!

Since I never use the 'message pane', but always open e-mails (including
drafts) in their own windows, I think the problem may be a little more
'widespread' than that

That's possible. I've been able to reliably reproduce by toggling the
message pane, but I can believe there may be other ways leading to the
wrong encodings being used. Maybe when messages are deleted, or perhaps
when a new message is displayed in the same window (using next/previous)...

-- but the main point would be that SM seems to
open or show messages using the 'last-used' text encoding, not the one
specified in the e-mail's properties (which, IMHO, should be considered
a bug).

I agree this doesn't seem right. It's been a minor annoyance for me for
a while, and I keep meaning to look into it a bit more and file a bug
report. I've managed to produce a couple of example messages and
reproduce the use of incorrect encodings when opening them, including
corrupting a draft message.

I'm out of time tonight, but hopefully will be able to file a bug report

Bug 1309711 raised:

I've posted a separate thread asking others to reproduce on other operating systems / newer versions, in case anyone who's stopped following this thread is able to test.


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