On 10/13/2016 12:24 AM, Daniel wrote:
On 13/10/2016 6:34 PM, anglian...@gmail.com wrote:
how do I get the tabs displayed vertically ?

Sorry, what do you mean?? When you press the Tab key, rather than moving
(horizontally) across the page, do you want to move several lines
(vertically) down the page, or something??

Or do you want some symbol to indicate that you have Tabbed once, twice,
whatever, across the page, like a word-processor might display??

More details, please!

It's not possible on SeaMonkey and is the major reason I don't make SeaMonkey my default browser. All other browsers except IE 10 (don't know about 11 as I can't get it as I have Win 8.0 Pro) let you have tabs vertical instead of horizontal. On Fx and Pale Moon, I use Tree Style Tabs extension going all the way back to the Mozilla Suite before Sea Monkey. Mozilla Suite was my default browser way, way back around 2000 until Fx 1.0 got Tree Style Tabs (then known as Tabbed Browser Extension - the original first extension ever written for a Mozilla browser and was written for Mozilla Suite and later for Fx). I use Tree Style Tabs on Pale Moon but even with Lemon Juice's converter I can't get it to work on Sea Monkey. It's a XULU extension so I don't plan to continue with Fx once Mozilla kills all the great extensions next year. I doubt the author will rewrite it (and his other related tab extensions).

Vivaldi has built in vertical tabs and even old 12.18 Opera that I still use has vertical tabs built into some of its themes. Mozilla has recently talked about making vertical tabs part of Fx builtin and I think they have an experiment for it if you want to try it on Fx.

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