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>Lee wrote on 16/10/2016 17:45:
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>>> seemonkey12...@gmail.com wrote on 13/10/2016 08:06:
>>>> There's at least one security vulnerability that is missing from this NSS
>>>> version: http://www.cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-1950
>>>> There was a bugfix in NSS
>>>> https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1245528 to solve this issue
>>>> but unfortunately it seems that this bugfix is not in 3.20.x according to
>>>> the developer entries. I didn't check the code yet if the bugfix is really
>>>> missing!
>>>> So my question is why seamonkey uses still this outdated NSS version? It
>>>> should use at least 3.21.1 (that is in latest firefox esr /45.4.0/ and
>>>> also in latest thunderbird /45.4.0/)
>>>> As a workaround i can copy the nss libraries from firefox esr to seamonkey
>>>> until a security release of seamonkey let's say 2.40.1 arrives. I tried
>>>> this end i can start seamonkey with newer NSS library because they're
>>>> compatible.
>>> "As a workaround i can copy the nss libraries from firefox esr to
>>> seamonkey "
>>> Could you tell us what we need (in details) to do ?
>>> I have Firefox 46.0.1 and SeaMonkey 2.40 on a windows pc.
>> Upgrade.
>> The current version of Firefox is 49.0.1
>> about:support / Library Versions says the NSS* expected & in use version is 
>> 3.25
>> The 'current' version of SeaMonkey is 2.40 and is missing a lot of
>> security patches.  Upgrading requires that you download & install a
>> new version of SM instead of waiting for it to upgrade automatically.
>> **where** to download the new version from is a bit of a question tho
>> :(   I'm guessing the safest bet is
>> https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/~akalla/unofficial/seamonkey/nightly/latest-comm-release-windows32/
>> if only because akalla had to pick _this_ particular build to make
>> available for downloading.  SeaMonkey 2.46 has the same 3.25
>> about:support / Library Versions for NSS* as FF.
>> Regards,
>> Lee
>You don't understand.
>- I hate to install a not released SM.
>- I stay with FireFox 46.0.1 because I am able with it to do "View 
>Selection Source" using my version of Firefox, because my SM 2.40 cannot 
>do it.
>- He said " It should use at least 3.21.1 (that is in latest firefox esr 
>/45.4.0/" and because my version of Firefox is greater (46.0.1) I can 
>use nss from this version to put into SM because it should be > 3.21.1.
>So the question is still open:
>How, in details,  can I use the NSS of my FireFox 46.0.1 into my SM 2.40 ?

The SM 2.46 builds are being made by Adrian Kalla on a personal
machine and are stable even though not publish on the official Mozilla
site and usual download places. They are build from stable code but
because the build environment has been busted for so long, it's not
working on Mozilla proper. I just updated to the SM 2.47 beta build he
made today and it has NSS 3.26.2. I didn't realize 3.27/3.27.1 went
final until I just looked. So, IMHOO, you have nothing to lose by
trying the stable build Adrian has made. You can always kick the tires
here: http://goo.gl/9R2c0i

Stable, in terms of software, is relative to how many bugs haven't
been found yet.

As for grafting DLLs, back up nss3.dll, nssckbi.dll, nssdbm3.chk,
nssdbm3.dll and mozglue.dll somewhere. Close SM. Copy the NSS DLLs
from Firefox and overwrite the ones in the SM directory. 99% of the
time you won't need mozglue.dll. Start SM. If it complains about
mozglue.dll, close SM and overwrite mozglue.dll. Start SM again. If it
won't start, copy back the backed up DLLs. Hope that helps.
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