On 12/1/2016 10:40 AM, Lee wrote:
On 12/1/16, TCW <"."> wrote:
On 11/30/2016 8:06 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
There's a zero-day exploit in the wild that's being used to execute
malicious code on the computers of people using Tor and possibly other
users of the Firefox browser, officials of the anonymity service
confirmed Tuesday.

The versions span from 41 to 50, with version 45 ESR being the version
used by the latest version of the Tor browser.


Is a fix for SeaMonkey needed?

Looks like Adrian has applied it to his 2.47 build @

Would you please not post obfuscated URLs?  Especially now, in a
thread about a 0day & probably most everybody reading the thread
running exploitable software, enticing people to click on random links
is a really bad idea.

$ curl -s --head  http://tinyurl.com/j2ju4s7 | grep Location


I was *told* to not post long URLs before by Chris I and someone else. Short URLs is the preferred method is what I was told.
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