Using older SeaMonkey versions (e.g.: 2.7), it was possible to change
services.sync.serverURL <about:config#services.sync.serverURL> from
https://auth.services.mozilla.com/ to
https://pmsync.palemoon.net/sync/index.php/ and easily link SeaMonkey to
an existing Pale Moon sync account (this is how I sync my Debian IceApe
(rebranded SM 2.7) with Pale Moon).

It doesn't seem possible any more with modern SM versions: when I choose
"I already have a SeaMonkey Sync" account, enter the username, password
and recovery key and press "Next" -- nothing happens (no change of the
UI, no error message, no HTTP(S) packets sent to pmsync.palemoon.net).

It still should be possible to set up Sync (v1.1) by setting some extra
preferences in about:config, omitting the Sync UI, but I have had no
success so far.


On 15.07.2017 0:15, Frank-Rainer Grahl wrote:
> Sync 1.5 has not been ported yet and with all the crap going on with Fx
> I am not sure it is a good idea anyway. You need a Firefox account and
> everything is tightly coupled to Mozilla. So no for official sync. You
> could probably still set up your own Sync 1.1 server in 2.46 to 2.49 as
> mentioned but the old 1.1 code has been removed by Mozilla from the
> backend too in the latest nightly releases.
> In the long term we need to provide our own sync servers and make
> something work but for now don't hold your breath.
> Saptarshi Roy wrote:
>> On Monday, 12 October 2015 19:31:54 UTC+5:30, Bill Spikowski  wrote:
>>> Sync 1.1 no longer works, as Mozilla has shut down their sync server.
>>> Is updating Seamonkey to use Mozilla's new sync server something
>>> that's in the works and might be expected soon (say, the next month,
>>> rather than next year or not at all)?
>>> Thomas Rocek recently posted the instructions for setting up a new
>>> Sync 1.1 server, but they're way beyond my tech abilities. Is anyone
>>> aware of a publicly available Sync 1.1 method that Seamonkey users
>>> could rely on for the duration?
>> Is there a way to create a Seamonkey sync account in the latest build?
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