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DoctorBill wrote on 08-08-17 00:28:
Bill Spikowski wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
DoctorBill wrote:
Lately I have had SM display an empty page when I click on a link.
There is a lot in the Location Bar, but NOTHING shows up.

Here is an example:

If the above shows up on someone else's screen, why not mine.
Adblocker on, Popups checked.

This is happening more and more of late.

BTW - This was from a display of Pawn Shops in my area - at the bottom
was a link
that said "more" - implying one could see more listed by clicking the

So -- is this just a problem for you with the "more" link from Google
Search? Or other links too? Or all links?

(I see this behavior only when I click a PDF link. That used to display
the PDF file within Seamonkey using the Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat
plug-in; now it downloads the PDF instead of showing it to me. That
problem has been discussed before in this newsgroup; like many others,
I've just had to get used to it.)

It happens off and on....
No - not related to pdf files - I have no problem with pdf files.
The very bottom of the screen says "done" but nothing in the frame.

Did YOU try my link example ?

Yes, and I got your problem - So I initiate from scratch under google a new-same-research: Pawn+shops+spokane

And all goes well - this is MY LINK:

Anyway; I think that you should place a"space" before the "+" like: Pawn +shops +spokane
NO-SORRY I got he same problem when clicking on "More Places" - No problem with Internet Explorer.
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